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BRCA RallyX Nationals Rd 4 East Shrewsbury

SAT Qualifying

After seeing some of the photos on Friday night of a water logged track and a forecast that said there was more on the way, there seemed little chance of the meeting going ahead.

The trip down on Sat am showed some promise but there was some pretty bad flooding along the way. Got to the track and whilst a little moist in the pitting field, the track itself was pretty much dry to our surprise - clearly a lot of work had gone in to it in the early hours so big up to those who did.

Practice and Quali went well with both Mitch and James putting in top 10 runs and over the day with the consistency paying off allowing them to both qualify directly into the Semis - SWEET - As the forecast was bad for Sunday it was decided to move all 5 rounds of quali to the Sat and run 15 min finals (main 30) starting at 8 on Sunday (Quite like this format actually)


Mitch was up first in the SEMI B and had a great start and moving up to the 4 spot for the first 1/2 of the race, Mark and I were a little smug in the pits after our level up (sorry Dan) pit stop only to watch in despair as he crashed going out of the pits with limited visibility as the down ramp is hidden from view if the pitmen don't stand back - then - to make it worse the marshall was chatting away to his mate on the other side of the fence and he got left upside down and lost 4/5 places, meh - game over

James was next and put in a super impressive run battling for the bump with people a kid who just rocks up for nationals really shouldn't hehe - The Tekno / Blok / Optifuel package was clearly on point and on the last lap made his move and got past into the last bump position - MINT - oh no wait - a proper sketchy move from the now 8th place then knocked him off the track and we ended up crossing the line just 0.3 seconds off the bump - awesome job mate you did amazing and once again with great driver etiquette.

All in all some great performances all weekend and all our RPRC products performed superbly - we didn't quite get the rub of the green this weekend but "that's racing"

Congrats to Neil on the win - next level skills - and unlucky to Elliott, who I am sure would have been up there to make it more of an entertaining final.

Next up - SLOUGH eBuggy and Truggy next weekend then Nitro Nat's there in a few weeks - bring it on !

Full results can be found here -

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