Product Description

TKR8100 – Ackermann Plate (7075, gun metal anodized, EB/NB48.4)

Revised Ackermann plate with improved handling and bump steer characteristics.  Adjusting the angle of the inner and outer wheel throughout the steering action has resulted in a more progressive steering response, improved consistency, increased high-speed sweeper stability and better rough track handling. This Ackermann plate replaces TKR5100 and is intended for use on all track sizes and conditions.

Vehicle Compatibility

TKR8100 is compatible with and highly recommended for all variants of the EB48, EB48SL, NB48, ET48, NT48, and MT410 as overall consistency is greatly improved.


TKR8104 Bell Cranks and also TKR1403 M3x10 Button Head Screws.


In order to obtain positive static toe, both left and right steering turnbuckles for the EB/NB48 (TKR5050) and SCT410/EB48SL (TKR5550) will need to be shortened by approx 6mm (3mm on each side of both turnbuckles).

TKR8100 – Ackermann Plate (7075, gun metal anodized, EB/NB48.4)

SKU: TKR8100