TKR6670 – Spur Gear (70t, 48pitch, composite, black, EB410)

The TKR6670 70 tooth black composite spur gear is intended to be used on the EB410 buggy when running a 13.5 (or more) turn motor. If you were running a 25 tooth or larger pinion with the stock spur, this optional spur allows you to run a smaller pinion.

Pair this spur with a smaller pinion and the motor will be more centrally located,  providing better balance. This spur is especially helpful in stock motor racing as it allows for additional gearing options while reducing the driveline’s rotating mass.

Pinion To Use:

Use the chart below when choosing a pinion to run with this spur.

If you were using the pinion below with an 81 tooth spur then use this pinion with the 70 tooth spur.
23   20
24   21
25   21 or 22
26   22
27   23
28   24
29   25
30   26
31   27
32   28

TKR6670 – Spur Gear (70t, 48pitch, composite, black, EB410)

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