TKR6003 – Vented Shock Caps (aluminum, black anodized, 2pcs)

Tekno RC strives to bring each racer exactly what they need and suspension tuning is one of the most critical tuning areas in RC. In some conditions a non-vented shock cap will provide better handling than a vented shock cap and vice versa. Now you have the choice. When we say ‘vented’ we are referring to a small hole on the top of the cap inside the shock mount eyelet, not to be confused with the bleeder hole on the side of the cap.

With any bladder setup, the bladder is used to compensate for the volume displacement of the shaft moving in and out of the shock body. There is air between the bladder and the top of the shock cap. A vented setup will allow the air to escape at full compression and re-enter at full extension or anywhere in between. A non-vented cap will compress the air trapped between the bladder and the cap, creating rebound and a more progressive feel to the suspension.

TKR6003 – Vented Shock Caps (aluminum, black

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