TKR5199B – HRC Rear Hubs (L/R, CV or uni, EB/NB/ET/NT48, EB/NB.3)

By lowering the hinge pin location compared to the stock rear hubs (TKR5199), we have raised the rear roll center in just the right place. Use these hubs to increase on power traction and stability while decreasing body roll. All of this with improved rotation into a corner and no compromise in on-power steering. To reduce wear and increase part lifespan, they are molded from durable nylon and include locations for hinge pin set screws.

Compatible with:
TKR5030XT, TKR5430, and TKR5184 arms
TKR5070 and TKR5070A stub axles
TKR5072 and TKR5472 driveshafts
TKR5287 universals

TKR5199B – HRC Rear Hubs (L/R, CV or uni, EB/NB/ET/NT48/48.3)