These superbly machined rear hubs will add stability and strength to your vehicle.  CNC machined from high quality aluminum then gun metal anodized for wear.  They are compatible with all EB48, NB48, ET48, and NT48 vehicles.  Use 8x16x5mm (TKRBB08165) bearings on the outside and 13x19x4mm (TKR13194) bearings on the inside for use with CV axles.  Or use 8x16x5mm (TKRBB08165) bearings all around for use with universal driveshafts.  Set screws are provided to keep the hingepin from moving inside the hub to reduce wear.


    CNC machined from high quality aluminum
    Adds stability and durability to your vehicle
    Allows the use of CV axles or universal driveshafts
    Set screws clamp hingepin and reduce wear
    Uses our stock 8x16x5mm and 13x19x4mm bearings
    Gun metal anodized for wear

TKR5199A – Aluminum Rear Hubs gun metal ano