TKR5114XB – Differential Outdrives (front/rear, revised, lightened)

These outdrives feature a revised design, revised steel alloy and new heat treatment process to extend life and improve consistency run after run. We always strive to improve our products and the revised outdrives prove that we are listening to our customers like no other brand in RC.

NOTE: The revised outdrives look very similar to TKR5112X (center NB and NT), but they are different parts. TKR5114XB is 13mm outside diameter while TKR5112X is 14mm outside diameter for better brake disc support and stability. Please see compatibility chart below.


Lightweight design
Extremely durable steel alloy

Compatible with all EB/NB48, ET/NT48 vehicles

EB48.3 and ET48.3 NB48.3 and NT48.3
Front/Rear TKR5114XB TKR5114XB
Center TKR5114XB TKR5112X

TKR5114XB – Differential Outdrives (front/rear, revised, lightened)