TKR1130 – XT Hex Wrench Set (1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm, straight tips, 3pcs)

Tekno RC XT Tools Info:
The XT CNC machined tools will make working on your Tekno RC vehicles an enjoyable task. The design of most tool handles and tips leaves much to be desired in terms of feel, comfort, and functionality. To address these issues we started with a weighted aluminum tool handle that feels balanced and precise while you work with it. Couple this with CNC machined high carbon steel adjustable length 4mm shank tips and you have a set of tools that exceeds others in comfort, usefulness, and durability.

The handles are gun metal anodized for a sleek appearance and wear resistance. Soft knurling on the handle’s grip area produces tremendous leverage without tearing up your hands. A large flat spot on the bottom helps prevent your tools from rolling onto the ground. Each tool is laser etched for easy identification. A large thumb relief in the handle makes for an ergonomic feel.

TKR1130 – XT Hex Wrench Set (1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm)

SKU: TKR1130