TEKNO RC - TKR5507 - SCT410.3 -  4x4 Competition Short Course Truck


Tekno RC is proud to announce the newest revision to our stable of innovative RC vehicles – The SCT410.3 1/10th 4×4 Competition Short Course Truck. The SCT410.3 is an updated version of the original SCT410 with a slew of new parts and improvements. The SCT410.3 leapfrogs over the 4×4 SC competition in terms of performance, durability, and value. We have our customers’ best interests at heart so there is a clear path to simply upgrade your original SCT410. But there’s nothing like a fresh new kit that goes together like butter so pick up the SCT410.3 race kit and unleash it on the competition!
With the SCT410.3, we wanted to improve performance and increase value to the customer without increasing the price or compromising on the great qualities of the original. To do this, we went through the entire platform and made changes accordingly.

TEKNO RC - TKR5507 - SCT410.3 - 4x4 Competition Short Course Truck

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