NEW from the renowned CRF factory (Orion etc) the new SLR5 engine has been further developed in total secrecy that for several months, 6mik drivers and developers guided by their leader Sebastien Leonard worked on the development of a 1/8 high-performance off-road engine for the most demanding drivers, the SLR 5 engine !

As usual, 6mik wanted to offer the most advanced of current technology at a price accessible to all. Mission Achieved !

A top level engine for everyone…! Providing a powerful engine is easy…! An engine for beginners… easy too ! But to offer an engine able to satisfy the most demanding drivers while making it usable by all… This has been a challenge that the 6MIK Team wanted to take…!!!

A performance engine is not only a powerful engine. To make the best lap times irrespective of what the track conditions are (slippery, grippy, etc…), the engine should :– React without dead-time to all trigger inputs to always manage properly car slides or holes on the track.- Always stay sweet enough to provide traction without destabilizing the car.– Quickly come back to idle to prevent understeering before to enter enter the corner.– Provide stable settings all the day along.– Offer excellent performance to provide the lowest fuel consumption possible.– Provide a great power to the car from a corner to the following one as quickly as possible to save time.– Provide equal and consistent performance lap after lap to allow the driver to always pass each track parts at the wanted speed (no more, no less)…

To fit all drivers’ skills, it must :– Provide easy tunning, i.e. the user should easily feel the difference when carburetor screws are turned, but otherwise being the less sensitive possible…– Be easy to breakin.– Forgive the carburetor tunning mistakes as much as possible, and never flame out for no reason.– Be sold at the best price possible.– Have a perfect finishing to produce all engines as identical.

So there we go - A great engine at a great price

Comes with the CRF2149 EFRA pipe used by Davide Ronnafalk - number 4 plug (hot) - 7mm Venturi

Optima CRF SLR5 V2 Engine and EFRA 2149 CRF Pipe

£299.00 Regular Price
£259.00Sale Price