Note - these are pro kits and come without body, wheels, esc, motor etc

THE AWESOME NEW MT410 1/10th (Based on the 1/8th ET Truggy so SUPER STRONG) Electric 4×4 Pro Monster Truck Kit

Tekno RC is proud to announce the newest addition to our stable of innovative RC vehicles – The MT410 1/10th Electric 4×4 Pro Monster Truck Kit. The MT410 isn’t your basic, bare-bones, cheap plastic monster truck. It is based on the critically acclaimed ET48 platform that is raced at the highest levels of competition.
But why bother with a high-end MT kit? Simple, there’s always room for improvement and in this case, the leap in performance and durability over what the market currently has to offer is astounding. We are using high-quality CNC machined parts (chassis, shock towers, shock bodies, motor mount, hinge pin braces, etc.) that you simply won’t find on basic RTR MT’s.
Parts and upgrades are readily available from hundreds of dealers around the world. A lot of them are probably in your tool box already since the MT410 shares parts with the ET48, EB48, and other popular Tekno RC vehicles.
Don’t be afraid to build your own MT. The instructions are easy to follow and our customer service is second to none if you need a little help. Most of all, we wanted to have some fun when we’re away from the track (or while at the track in between rounds).

MT410 1/10th Electric 4×4 Pro Monster Truck

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