& Ideal for 1/8 on road and 1/8 off road scale applications, as well as large scale airplanes and jets
& Superior Holding Torque
& incredible efficiency and low power consumption
& Standard dimension make it perfect for vehicles that can benefit from a high quality servo
& Titanium & Steel gears for precision and durability
& CNC Machined aluminum case for exceptional cooling
& NMB dual main bearings
& 25T output shaft
& HD 4096 Resolution
Type: Digital
Bearing: Dual
Motor Type: Brushless
Gear Type: Metal
Gear Material: Titanium & Steel
control system: pulse width control
working frequence: 1520μs / 330hz
operating voltage: dc6.0-8.4v
operating temperature range: -10 to + 60 degree
operating speed (6.0v): 0.14 sec/60 degrees at no load
operating speed (7.4v): 0.12 sec/60 degrees at no load
operating speed (8.4v): 0.11 sec/60 degrees at no load
stall torque (6.0v): (374.9 oz/in)
stall torque (7.4v):

Combo Deal! 2 x SRT BH9032 1/8 Car HV Brushless Servo

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