LFRN2019 Serpent SRX8 Pro


The A2.1 body for the new Serpent SRX8 Pro nitro buggy is a one off design that delivers a tuning option in between the original LFR Assassin and A2 Tactic bodies. The idea for the A2.1 body was spawned by Doug and Justin Fales when they looking to gain more stability and slightly more down force to the existing A2 Tactic. In the end testing exceeded our expectations, not only for looks, but the over all performance of the final product. 

   Together we've made four changes. First  is the addition of the cowl scoops on the side pods. Depending on the performance your looking for, these can be left alone to add to the overall down force of the car, or you can choose to drill them out for additional cooling. When opened up, the pipe side of the cowl pulls air directly past the block and manifold of the nitro motor.

  The next addition was the fin on top of the roof. The original idea comes from Serpent's 1/10 off road bodies from earlier years, later their idea adapted itself to the 1/8 off road scene we currently see today. The advantage is more stability in high speed sections of the track and a more precise feel under hard cornering.

    One of the best additions we discovered during testing, was the additional down force we added to both side pods and rear swoop. We found exactly what we've been looking for. This is what gave us a body that is now fine tuned directly in between both the Assassin and A2 designs. The advantage is we now has three different tuning options for your SRX8. The original Assassin for low grip surfaces, the A2 for super high bite and now the A2.1 that brings everything together in one great looking lid.

  The new A2.1 body for the Serpent SRX8 pro is available both in our light weight or standard thickness'. The body is sold in clear, including window masks, stickers and is ready for paint.   

*One off design of the Assassin and A2 Tactic bodies
*Cowl scoops for added down force or cooling
*Top fin added for stability
*Additional down force added to side pods and rear swoop
*Available in thin or standard thickness'
*LFR team designed and approved