LFRN2022  Leadfinger Racing introduces the new Tactic A2.1 body for the Tekno NB48 2.0 nitro buggy!  First introduced in mid 2019, the A2.1 Tactic body design form LFR has proven it self on the track with a handful of different platforms. Feed back from customer's and team a like, made for an easy decision to work on the NB48 2.0 nitro buggy from Tekno. However, since the car was so new, it was a difficult one to get a hold of.  The biggest challenge was waiting patently to receive it. However we didn't sit still,  planning started and blank prototyping had begun. Once the new car arrived, we had a great head start and it was time to have some fun. To our discovery only slight changes were needed, and we soon had the drop fit we've been looking for.  Fitment, performance and looks are key in every design. The Tekno cars have a different lay out for the fuel tank and throttle linkages then other platforms. (You could say that Tekno is truly in a class of it's own, and this is a good thing) However this presented a challenge for making a low profile and sleek design that we had already envisioned. Fortunately, we were able to combat these differences by widening the cab and adding to the size of the side pod scoops for clearance.   To keep performance in check, additional down force was added to the rear of the side pods and rear center of the body. Things were now starting to come together as we topped off the cab with a shark fin for stability. The over all look was almost complete. To finish off the design the front scoop was added and the A2.1 Tactic body for the Tekno NB48 2.0 was born!  In the end, the over all package came together exceeding our expectations. This has been a great project to work on and we hope that Tekno fans along with LFR customer's enjoy it as much as we do! *Drop fit for the Tekno NB48 2.0 buggy*One of a kind A2.1 design*Balanced performance*Front nose scoop included*Window masks and LFR stickers provided*Designed and manufactured in the USA by Leadfinger