The 6MIK « ULTRA » is a brand new system for maintaining our 1/8 Buggy tire inserts on the rim during use

Designed and developed by the 6MIK R&D and the best drivers, that system is a real innovation that allows you to obtain a gain in performance whilst making the car easier to drive - LESS GRIP ROLL !
The system consists of a new rim, and 2 new « Close Cells » inserts :
– The RED insert : new profile, new high resistance material, auto-centering on the rim. Ideal for all low-profile tires in the 6MIK range, Schumacher Mini Pins etc

– The PINK insert : same properties of the Red insert, but thanks a larger volume than its little brother, it fits perfectly the BANDIT / REFLEX / WEAPON / JOKER and T-REX tires. Its profile is also slightly different specially for those tires - also works great in the Schumacher MINI PINS and in SPIRALs for med / damp conditions

– The « ULTRA » rim : 2 central ribs for a perfect centering and guiding of the insert, super durable

– On the track : Steering precision never known to date, more regular tire’s wear, an increased cornering speed, LESS GRIP ROLL on the « grippy » tracks, for a high-end driving sensation.

6MIK 4 x Ultra YELLOW Wheel & Ultra PINK Insert

SKU: PJ801PM800CARx4