1/8th Off-Road

Truggy and Buggy talk

Aug 8

Lets see you Tekno rides! A place to share your photos of your Tekno 1/8th vehicles.
Sep 18

Show us your new NB48 2.0 s 🤘🏼
Jul 9, 2018

Hi guys, I think I need to change my diff oil for front center and rear. I bought my EB48 used and I think the oil is too light. I do a lot of speed runs, and it always wheelies, unloads the front
Aug 24, 2017

A place to share and discuss setups for the EB48.4
Aug 31

Just received my probuild EB48.4!! A good addition to my small Tekno fleet :)
Apr 21, 2018

Hi guys, Just wondering what's the biggest 6s lipo I can fit in the Tekno RC EB48.3? Cheers
Aug 22, 2017

A place to discuss and share setups for the NB48.4
Aug 12

Anyone raced at Slough recently? Looking for a base setup for the weekend.

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