Aug 22, 2017

EB410 Setup Talk


Edited: Aug 22, 2017

A place to discuss and share setups for the EB410

Aug 22, 2017

But I don't have one to set up yet

Sep 27, 2017

I am going to to go for four wheels on each corner, that's very important and tyres on those of course.


I reckon four tyres are the way to go. I have been using just the three but recently discovered that my cars generally go better round corners.


Suspension wise, looking at the car on the pictures I think attaching them to the wishbones and shocktower at the same time will be a good start.


That's what the pros like Lutz, Mellish and Bradish think is a big secret, but actually if you read the manual it's in there, just got to make sure you read between the lines.


Alright enough messing about. I can't wait to get this car!!!!! I have watched all the reviews on this car on you tube and it's getting good re

I was talking to Danny Austin at the buggy blitz on Saturday and was wondering what everyone else thinks is a good starter with diff oils. Plus I have never had a centre diff in any of my cars so other than the obvious slipper possibilities If I put thicker oil in the centre diff what effect does that have on the car and vice versa?


Really looking forward to working with the team!

Oct 18, 2017

Our latest setup for EOS carpet with Cactus Tyre front and Rear. Next time we will be running the car lower. This was the lowest ride height we could achieve on the front at the time but once the springs have bedded in you can go much lower. Aim is to go 12mm front and 13mm rear. To speed up the bedding in process of the springs you can just remove and hold under full compression for a while.


Nov 3, 2017

Some of my latest setups.



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